SAAS Development.

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a way of delivering applications over the internet as a service rather than via a standalone application. We build innovative products designed to delight clients and help their business scale, keeping their customers at the heart of our product development and delivering rapid time to market. We are fluent in user experience design and research as well as have a solid foundation in design thinking.

Software as a service

We have a team of SaaS development professionals who can assist you develop SaaS applications for your business. We have worked with 100+ startups and enterprises and helped them promote millions of dollars by building SaaS products. We transport scalable SaaS solutions with optimised UI/UX design.

The Road-map that we, at AppStoneLab, follow is as below :

Step 1 : Understanding the requirements of the client

  • We make thorough efforts to know and understand our client’s requirements so that we can design a perfect SAAS application.

Step 2 : Analyzing our competitors

  • We believe in analyzing the latest SAAS products every month so that we be updated regularly.

Step 3 : Features and functionalities

  • We will list down all the features and functionalities and prepare a document so that you can keep a copy of the same for your overview.

Step 4 : UI/UX and prototyping

  • Our sole idea is to test all the features, applications, and designs before developing completely as this enhances user experience.

Step 5 : Advising the right tech stack

  • Whether you are from a technical background or not, we will ensure to advise you with the best and suitable technology stack for your project. We believe in being honest with our client’s needs.

Step 6 : Development phase

  • Once everything has been approved from your end, we will immediately assign our qualified development team to start working on your project. Also, we insist our clients track our progress so that we are on the same page.