Testing & Support Services.

As the more traditional front and back-office applications are migrating from desktop toweb based interfaces, testing the functionality of web applications is becoming highly critical. For that reason, learning what and how to automate is a crucial component of successful web app testing.

Software Testing

As a leading software testing company, we provide QA and software testing services to make sure that your software is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. Our Quality assurance team, at AppStoneLab, collaborates with our development teams to analyze and rectify all the errors and bugs, overcomes all the challenges, predicts all the assumed issues, follows all our latest practices and technologies to ensure high performance and bug-free implementation

An action plan aligning the organization with the project or product’s short and long-term goals and accomplishing them is vital for you and is the most challenging facet of production.

AppStoneLab's offshore development team will help you develop a plan that focuses on the consumer concept, high-level skills, epics, and matching the vision to technology.

The benefits that we have gained from software and QA testing


Most IT companies prefer saving revenue to improving the quality of their software. But, at AppStoneLab, we believe in analyzing and detecting bugs in the very earlier stages of the implementation. The more time we take in detecting bugs, the harder and more expensive it becomes to fix them later.

Not Compromising The Quality Of The Software:

Our developers take extra measures to maintain high quality since we believe that our client’s satisfaction is the end-product and is a mission for us to expand and grow our business. We conduct testing procedures before handing over the product to our clients, for example, if we are building a brand new application, we will take the appropriate time to check the compatibility of the application with all the operating systems and browsers.

Profit-Gaining Strategy:

Through software testing, we ensure to perform rigorous testing process so that all the bugs and errors get removed at the very start leading us to save money and time. This makes the clients speak highly of our work and products and “Word-of-mouth” today is beneficial for a company’s growth. When clients are happy and content with our delivered product, they will surely recommend it to others which shall definitely retain our old clients and bring new ones.

Software Testing Services

Automated tests are also programmed to check if each app’s functionality is created according to established requirements and specifications.

AppStoneLab follows a specific process for functional testing as below :

  • Gather requirements
  • Create test plans and test cases
  • Automated testing
  • Defect control
  • Visual reporting
  • Execution of the test
  • Analysis

Automated Testing

Test automation services include a wide range of advanced testing components that reduce regression testing time and overall business cost. To ensure reusability and ease of maintenance, companies require third-party integration, multiple user devices, and a consistent automation approach. This is exactly what AppStoneLab delivers with its robust and reliable software test automation services.

  • Understanding the document
  • Creating an automated test plan
  • Estimation & schedule
  • Pricing

It takes 1 to 2 weeks to begin Test Automation and involves:

  • Test case feasibility report
  • Test automation plan
  • Recommendation for turning existing automation framework
  • Regression test results

Security Testing

Security testing has become a boardroom agenda, thanks to the alarming increase in the number of privacy breaches that enterprises face on a regular basis, leading to a tremendous negative impact on the brand name and client retention.

The goal of Security Testing :

  • To identify the threats in the system.
  • To measure the potential vulnerabilities of the system.
  • To help in detecting every possible security risk in the system.
  • To help developers in fixing the security problems through coding.


We motivate our clients to look at AppStoneLab both as a software contributor and a strategic customer service. Besides innovating digital solutions, we also commit ourselves to offer ever-evolving improvements to your business. As such, maintenance and support take on a roll of round the clock availability.


  • Extremely Skilled support workforce
  • Fast and accurate issue resolution
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Prompt upgrades and patch deployment
  • Access to Multiple Support Channels: Phone, E-mail, Skype, etc.

Keeping in consideration with our top level of commitment, we strongly aspire that all our valued customers earn the best of our products and support. Based in India our up-to-date web & app maintenance services and support is endorsed on an ongoing basis for all of our products. We have an extensive 365 x 24 x 7 support team, operating queries and customer interpretation to quickly resolve any issue at hand.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us round-the-clock to benefit our wide range of maintenance and support coverage.


  • Website theme and plug-in updates
  • Periodic backup of website and databases
  • Adding/updating/removing pages
  • Image substitution, manipulation and addition
  • E-Commerce website product upload
  • Newsletter & email list maintenance
  • Content management
  • E-Commerce website order management
  • Domain and hosting Management